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FOMA Annual Conference Scholarship

In 2022, the FOMA Board and NHL Hockey Ops began working on a program that would allow more individuals to attend the annual FOMA Conference each year. We reached out to some of our long time FOMA Partners to gauge their interest and the idea was solidified. Three of our partners jumped in and graciously made a financial commitment to helping us grow our membership. Their funds will be put directly toward our new scholarship program, intended to bring more of the new talent in our facilities to the meetings each year. This will allow them the opportunity to network and meet many of our current members, as well as discover the many roles involved in maintaining the highest of standards for the teams and clients we support. Our three partners for the 2023 year include Athletica, Jet Ice, and Resurfice. Each of them has supported the FOMA group and NHL for many years and lead the way in developing products and practices that are used every day to improve our facilities. Below is a brief summary of the partners and what they have done to help us to be the best in our industry.

Resurfice Corp.

“Resurfice Corp. has been building OLYMPIA ice-resurfacing machines for over 50 years. Family-owned and based in Elmira, Ontario, we’ve set the standard for quality and innovation in resurfacing technology worldwide. With the highest annual sales in the world market, we know our business and we know our customers and we take great personal pride in every machine we produce.”

Resurfice continues to make a name for themselves in the ice resurfacer market, including some NHL arenas and practice facilities. They continue to push the envelope in new technology and take machine quality to the next level.

Jet Ice Limited

“Jet Ice has a long history of providing Canadians with outstanding and innovative ice making solutions. We are passionate about ice sports and our expert ice making products and services are renowned all-over North America and beyond. We are dedicated to finding ways to help improve all aspects of your unique ice needs.”

Since the first year of our annual meetings, Jet Ice has been a tremendous partner and continued their support of the education of the next generation of ice makers. It was those ideas that helped make FOMA what it is today and set a course for our future.

Athletica Sport Systems

“Athletica Sport Systems is the world leader in the design, engineering, innovation, and manufacture of dasher board systems for all levels of hockey from backyards to the pros.  Unlike any other company making dasher systems anywhere, we are dedicated to bringing to our customers product enhancements that serve to improve player safety while reducing risk and liability for owners and operators of hockey rinks.”

Athletica has been a great partner for FOMA and always supported the initiative to provide a better playing environment for the game’s best skaters. With products in all 32 NHL buildings, they are proud to partner with us for this program.